Our Service

You have a limited number of options through our service where the application for the card is concerned but only one option for a guaranteed fast track service which will be completed within 48 hours. You can apply with us from your home without having to worry about rejection and unnecessary delays. We will review and forward your application for a fee of £27.50, which we believe is excellent value for your money. Once your application has been processed and we have sent confirmation of this you will receive immediate cover by the NHSBSA from the date of your application providing you select our fast track application option which guarantees processing of your application within 2 days.

When applying the applicant should be aware we provide our services around the clock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This should be kept in mind while availing any of our service. Please also note EES is not affiliated or partnered with the NHSBA in anyway. You can apply independently, free of cost, for a free EHIC card at the Government NHSBSA EHIC website www.gov.uk. We offer application review, verification and forwarding service for the EHIC, thus, relieving you of any further responsibilities or uncertainties regarding your application. When you use our service, you can be ensured of a fully reviewed, completed and error-free application that will be forwarded without delays or mailing mistakes. Your mistakes will be corrected by our experienced staff and you will be notified about any missing information. We will ensure that your application is completed correctly before forwarding it to the NHSBSA to ascertain a successful delivery of the card within the next ten working days.

For your information, EES is not associated, partnered or affiliated with the NHSBA or any government body. You may apply direct using the government website by clicking the link at the top of the page visit www.gov.uk for free without cost for an EHIC card. Take the time to read our terms and conditions. Our team will ensure that your application is thoroughly reviewed for mistakes. An service charge is applicable for the service that we offer. Please read our terms and conditions before using our website. We offer complete verification of the application form and forwarding service to ascertain that the whole process is error-free and swift thereby saving any preventable delays or hold-ups.

We are a registered institution, listed with the Office of the Information Commissioner. We guarantee genuine service and complete secrecy about your personal information. We ascertain a full and comprehensive review of your application and forwarding within the mentioned time-period depending upon the service you choose. We make sure that all your details are filled in properly, without any typographical mistakes. We also see to it that all the necessary information is presented in the application form for a speedy delivery. You will receive your card within a short time after submission, ready for use during your travel abroad.

No Cancellation or Refund: There won’t be any cancellation or refund once the application has been processed or the service began. As we charge you for reviewing the application, once the review has been completed or began, you will be charged even if you do not wish to go further with the process. While availing our service, you won’t be entitled to the fourteen ‘deciding’ period under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013,as you cease the right to cancel in accordance also with our Terms of Service.

Refunds can only be made if we are unable to verify or process an application. If it can be proven that we have committed an error or made a mistake during the processing of the application, a request for refund can be entertained. If you wish to cancel before the application process has been completed or began we strongly recommend you cancel by sending an email immediately to applications@ehic-cards.org.uk

Delivery of the Card: The EHIC cards are provided solely by the NHSBSA, therefore we cannot be held accountable for any postal delays or if your card for any reason fails to arrive unless we are directly responsible for the cause. Upon non-delivery of the card within two weeks of submission, NHSBA can be directly contacted by telephone by calling 0300 3301350.

We are only responsible for the processing of your application and not for the issue of the EHIC. Your card will be delivered by NHSBSA within 10 working days of the submission of the application. The delivery may be delayed by a number of days in case of a tight schedule. You can enquire about the status of delivery of your card directly from the NHSBSA on 0300 3301350.

-Limit Limited will use its electronic systems to communicate and submit your application on your be-half. Any correspondence, acceptance or anything else will then be relayed to you.

NHSBSA Our Service
Online EHIC Application Service

We offer application review and forwarding service for
the European Health Insurance Card. Clients complete an application form
via our website which is completed error-free by our staff and is
forwarded without delay to the NHSBSA to ascertain a successful delivery
of the card within the next 10 working days. Our payment schemes come in
2 prices which are £27.50 for standard which is processed within 5 days and our fast track which is processed within 2 days and costs £32.99.
Telephone Support

It is optional to provide a telephone or mobile phone
number during the application signup allowing us to contact you without
the various stages through your application. If we require additional
information we will immediately contact you by phone ensuring your
application is completed quickly and accurately.
Online Service available 24/7

Like the NHSBSA our website operates 24 hours a day,
365 days a year allowing signup to the insurance service at any time of
your convenience.
Applications checked for errors/omission prior to submission

Our fully trained and qualified staff ensure your
application is processed and forwarded correctly ensuring correct and
valid health insurance for your trip abroad.
E-mail Application Updates

All stages of your online application are updated to you
via e-mail, allowing you to reply to us at any stage for any queries you
may have.
Personalised Travel Advice Documentation

As an option we provide additional personalised travel
documentation for your country of visit. The information we provide
includes local hospitals participating under the EHIC scheme,
information of how best to claim on the insurance policy if required and
how to stay safe on your travels abroad.
Arrange replacement of lost cards online

For those in little spare time we can organise the
replacement of your cards online, either lost or stolen and have them
forwarded to your address anywhere in the United Kingdom.
Multi-language support available

Many UK newcomers find reading the difficult wordings of
insurance scheme a hard task. At -limit limited we have the
capability to translate your queries in 160+ languages both over the
phone and via e-mail. Whilst we cannot provide a translator in every
instance we will work hard meet your requirements and if we cannot we
will issue you a full refund on request.
Change of name applications accepted

Using our online service you may request a change of
name on your EHIC card, be sure to provide us with a copy of your legal
deed poll and we will sort the rest out for you.