EHIC in Austria

Understanding EHIC use in Austria

Austria is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Not only is it a beautiful summer location, but it’s also host to some of the most spectacular winter resorts too. In the winter season, skiing, hiking and mountaineering resorts in Austria become full with adventure seeking tourists wishing to explore the country’s natural landscapes. Winter sports in Austria are huge due to the accessibility of the Alps and beautiful family-friendly resorts. Whether you are booking a cultural city break or a speedy skiing vacation, you are bound to have a fantastic Austrian holiday.

EHIC in Austria

EHIC in Austria

Using EHIC in Austria

However, especially in locations popular for winter and outdoor sports, knowing how and where to find healthcare in Austria is crucial. Unfortunately, accidents do happen and tourists who are not prepared for the worst will find themselves in an incredibly problematic situation. Most tourists purchase comprehensive travel insurance to cover them for their Austrian adventure. However, many tourists are unaware that using an EHIC in Austria (European Health Insurance Card) is needed to validate your insurance policy. Your EHIC entitles you to access state-provided healthcare for free or at a reduced cost. Each country has its own rules and Austria is no exception. If you are travelling to Austria, it is imperative to remember that using an EHIC in Austria is the only way to ensure that you have access to the cheapest healthcare possible.

Healthcare in Austria

There are a number of facts that tourists must be aware of when it comes to using EHIC in Austria. In an emergency medical situation, your EHIC will not cover you for private treatment in Austria. This also means that your travel insurance is unlikely to reimburse you for the cost, leaving you considerably out of pocket. If you fall ill during your stay, using EHIC in Austria will only give you access to public healthcare services. These will be found at doctors displaying the signs Kassenarzt (contracted doctor) or Alle Kassen, which means they are operating under the state system. Tourists should be particularly careful if healthcare arrangements are made by a hotel or travel representative, as any costs for private healthcare are non-refundable.

A common situation for Austrian tourists is suffering an injury from skiing or snowboarding. For non-emergency hospital treatment you will need a doctor’s referral, just like in the UK. In an emergency situation you will be taken straight to the Krankenhäuser. On arrival you will need to present a valid EHIC or e-card to receive treatment at the same cost as a native resident. Using EHIC in Austria will provide you with treatments free of charge if the hospital has a contract with the Landesgesundheitsfonds (university hospitals or regional hospitals). Tourists need to be aware that there is a daily charge at most hospitals of €11.60-19.40 for the first 28 days in hospital. If you are using EHIC in Austria, this cost is likely to be reimbursed by your health insurance provider at a later date.

Where can I apply for an EHIC?

Accessing healthcare in Europe doesn’t need to be complicated. Using EHIC in Austria will enable you to access many of the same services you would receive on the NHS for free. An issue that many tourists have is that, amidst the confusion of preparing for their trip to Austria, they realise their EHIC is out of date or they have lost it. Hundreds of tourists every year leave without their EHIC and find they are unable to access state-funded healthcare in Austria once they arrive. The implication of not using EHIC in Austria could be huge healthcare bills when they arrive home.

Here at Europe EHIC Services Ltd, we want to make renewing expired health cards and replacing lost or stolen cards a lot easier. Our health card application service means you won’t have to worry about filling in endless application forms or not having your EHIC arrive on time before you set off. We will fill out all of your necessary information and make the appropriate edits or amendments to get your EHIC signed off first time round. We even provide a fast track application service which means your forms will be processed within two days. We will even provide a temporary advice and cover, should you have to travel before your card arrives.

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive EHIC service that means you can start using EHIC in Austria, contact us today to cut out the complication of EHIC applications.