EHIC in Belgium

A Valid EHIC makes Belgian Healthcare So Much Cheaper

Healthcare in Belgium

Belgium is a country rich in history and fascinating areas to visit if you’re lucky enough to organise a trip or holiday there. Regardless of your intended itinerary, you must remember to pack your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This gives travellers a reduction in price for Belgian hospital treatment as long as it’s in a public medical facility. Carrying this card will ensure that you will not be met by an unwanted financial bill if you need to be seen by a doctor while abroad throughout Europe. Paying for your holiday will be through hard-earned work so it would be frustrating to fork out more for avoidable medical costs.

EHIC In Belgium

EHIC In Belgium

Another way to fully prepare for your short break is by sorting out the medical arrangements yourself rather than leaving this for the hotel or your holiday company provider as this may be for private healthcare in Belgium which can be costly. This is because using your EHIC in Belgium does not reduce or cover the cost of private treatment. Instead of being unwelcomingly surprised by your bill, it is crucial to check if your five-year EHIC needs renewing. If you do not own one then it is quick and easy to apply on our website.

If you are charged with private healthcare it cannot be refunded, so make sure you ask for a state-funded doctor before you commit to getting Belgian hospital treatment. This is pricier than some of its European neighbours with 15th the cost of general inpatient care without buying medicine. The importance of using your EHIC in Belgium is underlined by the reduction in buying prescriptions.

Belgian Hospital Treatment

As much as 75 per cent of the drug’s price can be reimbursed when you are in Belgium. This only applies when you show evidence of your EHIC though, so it’s useful to bring it with you wherever you go when travelling across Europe. Taking your British Passport with you is worth doing as well for further proof of identification. This is useful in precautionary and emergency situations for healthcare in Belgium.

If you need to call an ambulance dial 100 and stay on the line so your call can be traced. Most phone line operators are likely to speak English, but remember to speak clearly and slowly so you are understood whatever language you’re speaking. Ambulance travel costs most of time across Belgium and the state do not usually allow you to have money refunded from this. For this reason, when you are sent an invoice it should be fully paid. You may be charged more the further the distance, too.

Using Your EHIC in Belgium

Falling ill and having to pay significant sums of cash while on your holidays is obviously far from ideal, but this issue will be reduced when you produce a valid EHIC. These are simple to get as all you need to do is fill in the application form on our website. For more information you can email as at where we will reply as quickly as we can. Healthcare in Belgium will not be costly if you carry a EHIC that is in date.