EHIC in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Healthcare Is Always Covered With An EHIC

Bulgaria is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination and it’s easy to understand why. Bulgaria can offer everything any explorer could ever want, such as wild, wooded mountain ranges, remote villages, vibrant modern cities and beautiful beaches along the Black Sea coast. No matter whether you want to ski, hike or relax, Bulgaria always has something unique to offer. When you decide to visit this beautiful country, it’s important to ensure that you are travelling with a valid and up-to-date EHIC in Bulgaria. The European Health Insurance Card will help to ensure that you always have access to healthcare when you need it most.


EHIC in Bulgaria

EHIC in Bulgaria

When travelling abroad, it’s unlikely that you are considering worst case scenarios. However, it is always important to consider healthcare before taking any trip to Europe. If you have an EHIC in Bulgaria, you will be able to visit any doctor that is registered with the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF). Make sure you always check to ensure that doctor is NHIF registered, or else you may end up with private healthcare that is not covered by the EHIC. There will be a small charge to see a state-funded doctor. However, the cost is much less than what you would pay if you were not carrying an EHIC.

Healthcare in Bulgaria
Should you need it, an EHIC will enable you to receive hospital treatment in Bulgaria. You should always ask to be referred to a hospital that has a contract with the NHIF, as this will cover the cost of your treatment. However, if you receive inpatient treatment from other public or private hospitals, you may be required to pay a fee. As part of your inpatient treatment, you will be entitled to a maximum of two examinations after you have been discharged. When it comes to healthcare in Bulgaria, an EHIC will help to guarantee that you can get back to full health as soon as possible, without the hefty medical bills.

If you require a prescription in Bulgaria, you will be issued a receipt form. When you are carrying an EHIC, you will be able to receive your medication at a free or reduced cost. However, this only applies if you take the receipt form that is registered to the NHIF, otherwise you will have to pay the full price. This also applies to dental care, as you must always find an NHIF contracted consultant. You may still be asked to pay a patient contribution. Access to the ambulance service is, on the other hand, entirely free when carrying an EHIC.

How do I apply for an EHIC?
The EHIC application is lengthy, time consuming and there is much room for mistakes to be made. For just a small fee, we will complete your entire EHIC application form to meet NHS standards. This will help to ensure you receive your card as soon as possible rather than having to deal with numerous bounce-backs. Don’t waste valuable time applying for an EHIC when you could be packing for Bulgaria. Let us handle the application forms and you will receive your EHIC in record time.

If you are interested in applying for an EHIC, make sure you fill in a few small details here. Our service guarantees that your form will be completed without any errors which is ideal if your holiday to Bulgaria is just around the corner. Don’t risk not receiving your EHIC on time and trust us to provide you with a valid EHIC in Bulgaria. If you have any further questions, contact us today.