EHIC in Croatia

Croatia And The EHIC Card

All over Europe, different healthcare policies and protocols are implemented by governments. As British citizens, we are used to a fully-functioning, flexible health service, available to us free of charge, whenever we should need it. When we are abroad, however, it is important to remember we are not always entitled to such care at least not without being charged for it.

EHIC In Croatia

EHIC In Croatia

Using your EHIC in Croatia

Croatia is no different, which makes a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) all the more valuable should you choose to visit its Adriatic shores. If you find yourself in a position where you need to seek healthcare in Croatia, your first port of call should always be to guarantee that the treatment you are about to receive is from their public healthcare services rather than from one of the multitude of private companies that operate throughout the country. Your EHIC in Croatia will under no circumstances cover you for any costs incurred as a result of receiving private treatment and you may be left with a hefty bill to pay.

Before seeking any treatment, show your EHIC to the healthcare authorities so they are aware you are a British citizen. This will prompt them to notify you whether they are public or not. Arrangements made by hotels or travel representatives must be taken with a degree of caution.

Cost of Care in Croatia with an EHIC

Croatia is one of the countries in the Eurozone that requires a mandatory contribution towards healthcare from all of its citizens. Even with an EHIC, you will still be required to pay a small amount, usually around HRK10, which is the equivalent of around £1. This will be the case for every point of liaison you may have, be it doctors, nurses, dentists or pharmacists. Always ensure you carry with you a legitimate form of identification, as well as your EHIC, otherwise you will be required to pay a much larger amount.

The Croatian Health Insurance Fund (CHIF) will under no circumstances reimburse you for any charges you may have been subject to during your stay. In light of this, the need for an EHIC is particularly great as there is no form of retrospective appeal regarding the charges for your treatment. Make sure you keep hold of all paperwork and receipts, as private insurance companies may be able to provide some sort of reimbursement. However, it is extremely risky putting all of your faith in this occurring. A valid EHIC will ensure you will rarely have to worry should you find yourself in need of any healthcare whilst in Croatia.

How can I apply for an EHIC?
You can apply for an EHIC Card through our website, where we can remove all of the stress that comes along with it, by completing the forms for you leaving you with more time to plan the other important aspects of your trip to Croatia. You won’t need to worry whether everything has been completed correctly or whether your card is within its expiry date as we will take care of all of that for you.