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Healthcare in Cyprus
Mediterranean islands are particularly popular holiday destinations for British tourists and holidaymakers. Cyprus may be the third smallest EU member state, but there are plenty of places to explore when you arrive in this gorgeous country. With accommodation and good services two key parts of their economy, you are bound to have good hospitality as well as divine sunshine. You must take your EHIC to Cyprus as this will help you avoid extortionate costs. Unlike other European nations, there are some charges you may not be fully aware of for hospital treatment in Cyprus.

EHIC In Cyprus

EHIC In Cyprus

Taking a valid European Health Insurance Card on your travels is crucial in this part of the world. Make sure you avoid private treatment as this is not covered. You will be able to get discounted treatment from public medical facilities though. Checking your card is in date will allow you to get hospital treatment in Cyprus for as little as 3 Euros for a trip to a public general practitioner. If specialist treatment is required, then this will cost just 6 Euros in a public facility. Healthcare in Cyprus is not cheap if you go to a private centre or forget to take your EHIC. Costs increase by five times if you do not bring one and that’s just for public healthcare.

Hospital Treatment in Cyprus
When you’re paying healthy sums to explore the world, or relax on well-earned time off, the last thing you need is to have it interrupted by attending a medical centre, but having to pay hefty sums turns an inconvenience into a possible day changer. Hospital treatment in Cyprus is one thing you do not wish to do or look forward to when you visit this remote island. Whatever the exchange rate between the pound and euro you should look to avoid high costs so you can buy more authentic Cypriot gifts.

Your EHIC will not count for anything in parts of the Republic of Cyprus as the government does not have control here. Therefore, it is crucial that you take out private insurance before visiting these regions. Ensure that your passport or entitlement form is with you at all times as you’ll need to provide one of these as evidence to get reduced health costs from public facilities. Pharmacies are generally open in the morning, shutting before they are re-opened for a few hours in the late afternoon and early evening. Some of these do not open during the middle of the week, so if you’re feeling as though you could fall ill it’s best to act swiftly.

Take Your EHIC to Cyprus
Whatever time of year you visit Cyprus you are virtually guaranteed flawless weather, but make certain your preparations are also spot on. Failing to take out a valid EHIC and having private hospital treatment in Cyprus can leave you short of cash that would be better spent on sun cream or a refreshing drink in the sizzling heat.