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EHIC In Denmark

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For those who prefer to experience a truly unique European holiday experience, Denmark is a must-see destination. This small country nestled above Germany and below Norway and Sweden has captured the hearts of all those who visit it. A modest destination in terms of geographic landscape, with widely underrated views compared to its surrounding Nordic neighbours. However, what Denmark lacks in natural grandeur it makes up for in culture. With quintessential Danish design, fashion, food, architecture and art at every corner, you truly will be spoilt for culture at this European location. With its fair share of beaches, lakes and Renaissance castles, tourists are sure to enjoy the laid back and happy atmosphere they will experience here.

Before travelling to Denmark, it is always important to take Danish healthcare into consideration. When you are heading out on holiday, the last thing you want to think about is worst case scenarios. However, ensuring your healthcare is covered during your travels is crucial. Nobody wants to return home to staggering medical bills, which is why you should always travel with an EHIC in Denmark. Every year hundreds of tourists forget to renew their cards, or simply leave them at home. We are here to help with our quick and easy EHIC application services.

Healthcare in Denmark

Every European country has a different approach to healthcare. When travelling in Denmark, it is imperative to know exactly what you are covered for. Your EHIC in Denmark will entitle you to free emergency treatment at public hospitals throughout Denmark. Consultations with public doctors or dentists are also covered for those carrying an EHIC. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, this will also be covered by your card. There is no need to worry if you are not in perfect health when you travel, as the EHIC will cover you for any public healthcare you require throughout your stay. However, it is important to note that prescriptions will have to be paid for by the patients.

When it comes to healthcare in Denmark, you must remember that your EHIC will not cover you for private healthcare. You will only be able to access state-funded healthcare when using your EHIC in Denmark. If you do not own an EHIC or you forget or lost it, you will be charged the full cost of your treatment. You should not solely rely on your travel insurance provider either, as most policies require you to be carrying an EHIC at the time of travel to validate the policy. To avoid visiting Denmark and being left in a tricky medical situation, serious or otherwise, one of your top priorities should be packing an EHIC before your travels.

Why choose our application service?

Those who intend to be travelling to Denmark in the near future may be left frustrated with a lengthy application process. For a small fee, Europe Services Ltd can fill out all of your application forms to perfection to avoid any bounce-backs and get your EHIC delivered to you in time for your Danish adventure. If you have left it until the very last minute you will have the option of using our fast-track service where your application will be processed in no more than two days.