EHIC in Estonia

If you are a citizen of Estonia, or indeed any country part of the European Economic Area, it is strongly advised that you apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). By owning an EHIC you will be entitled to any medical care, either at a massively reduced fee or even free of charge. Doing so will help your peace of mind knowing you won’t be faced with any large, unwanted, upfront medical costs, should you require any health care.

EHIC in Estonia

EHIC in Estonia

Not only are you covered in the event of an accident, but you are also covered for pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes. If you do have any pre-existing/ongoing medical issues, make sure to check ahead of booking that the country you wish to travel to has all the medical care you will need. Europe is a massively diverse continent which therefore means that the health care provided can vary greatly from country to country.

Estonia is a small Baltic state situated in north-eastern Europe just below Finland and sadly tends to be overlooked by tourists when searching for a holiday. This absolutely stunning country is well known for its beauty, boasting both beautiful countryside and outstanding buildings. However, before you go exploring, it is important to be prepared in the event of an emergency.

Estonian health care is of a very high standard so you can expect to receive professional, quality care wherever you travel to within the country. It is estimated that there is a doctor for every 300 people. This ratio is even better than the UK. There are several excellent hospitals which can be found near the larger cities.

It is worth noting that even with a valid EHIC, there are still some cases where a small medical cost will need to be paid. However, this will be significantly lower than if you had no cover at all. Those under the age of 19 will receive free care and people over 19 will need to pay a percentage of the cost for any doctor service fees. The same applies should you need dental treatment. However, there are common procedures which will be completely covered by your EHIC should you require them. There is a set fee for prescriptions too. However, you will need to check that the medication you require is on the country’s approved medical list. If your medication is not, you will be required to pay full price for them. Should you be hospitalised, there can sometimes be a fee, per day, for up to 10 days from when you are admitted. It should be noted that this fee does not apply for maternity or intensive care treatment and there is no charge for those aged under 19.

It is always a good idea for you to travel with a phrase book containing medical phrases. It is estimated that around 45% of Estonians speak English to some degree. Therefore having access to a phrasebook can come in incredibly handy should you need to communicate your medical needs effectively without any unnecessary confusion.

Always travel with a valid European Health Insurance Card and you will be able to make the most out of your travels in Estonia. You will be able to relax with the knowledge you are covered should you need any medical assistance.