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EHIC In France

EHIC In France

Using EHIC in France
France is a well-loved holiday destination by many throughout the UK due to it being our closest European neighbour. Travelling to France has never been simpler and many flock to the country for its warmer weather and unique culture. However, when travelling to France it is still imperative that you carry a valid European Health Insurance Card. With the capital only being a train ride away, it can be easy to leave your EHIC behind. When travelling in France, the last thing you want to be thinking about is illness and accident, but if anything should happen then an EHIC will grant you access to state-provided healthcare.

Travelling without an EHIC in France could leave you with expensive medical bills should you fall ill or have an accident. Without the card to provide access to free or discounted healthcare from the state, you may find you will be charged for any healthcare you receive. Which is why ensuring you have a valid EHIC to use in france before you travel should be as important as carrying your passport. Always double check your EHIC before travelling to France, as an out of date EHIC could leave you in a compromising situation later on.

Health Services in France with EHIC
France is a hugely popular tourist destination, with millions of travellers visitng the country each year. It is always sensible to take out a travel insurance policy before you visit France. However, it is important to keep in mind that in order to validate these policies, you have to be carrying an EHIC. Without your card, your travel insurance company may refuse to cover any medical expenses incurred throughout your trip. With a valid EHIC in your luggage, any public healthcare treatment you have received will typically be reimbursed by your travel insurance provider. Although, it is important to remember that any private healthcare treatments will not be covered by the EHIC.

Should you require medical treatment during your stay in France, you should always seek medical treatment from a state healthcare provider. Double check you have chosen a medical provider who only charges the official social security rate. You must pay the practitioner directly after seeking help. They will then fill out a necessary treatment form and prescription for you. The form will allow you to claim a healthcare refund of around 70% of the standard treatment cost, so long as you are carrying an EHIC. If you are taken to hospital however, you must present your EHIC on admission. This will ensure you only pay the patient contribution.

How can I apply for an EHIC?
When preparing for your French holiday, you may only realise your card is out of date at the last minute. The EHIC applications from the NHS are long and complicated. These applications often get rejected and returned due to error and missing information. If you are travelling to France shortly, this could be a waste of your valuable time. If your EHIC is out of date, or lost before you travel to France, you may simply decide to go without rather than go through the NHS process.

Our service ensures that you never have to travel without your EHIC again. We won’t ask you to fill in endless application forms. We will take your basic information and fill in the rest for you. We will ensure all of the necessary edits and amendments are made to ensure first time approval. We can even offer a fast track application service to guarantee your form will be processed within two days. We want applying for an EHIC to be as accessible and simple as possible so that tourists aren’t left out of pocket by extortionate medical bills. Apply for your EHIC quickly and efficiently with us today and you can rest assured your health care will be covered when you travel to France.