EHIC in Greece

EHIC In Greece

EHIC In Greece

Understanding EHIC use in Greece

When planning your holiday to Greece, you may have a checklist of numerous items and documents you need to take with you. Amidst the confusion of packing there a number of important items that may get left behind. Most tourists purchase comprehensive travel insurance to cover them for healthcare in Greece. What many do not realise is that in order to validate this insurance policy for healthcare claims, you also have to be travelling with a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Using EHIC in Greece will enable you to access state-provided healthcare at a reduced cost, or sometimes for free. It will cover you for treatment that is needed to allow you to continue your stay until your planned return.

Using EHIC in Greece

There is also a common misconception that using your EHIC Card in Greece will provide holders with full NHS-style healthcare, rendering travel insurance an unnecessary expense. However, this is not the case. Each European country’s health system is different and may or may not include the services you expect to get free of charge on the NHS. This usually means you have to make a patient contribution to the cost of your care. Depending on your travel insurance, the cost of this patient contribution may be reimbursed at a later date.

Healthcare in Greece

It is imperative to remember that using an EHIC Card in Greece will not cover you for private healthcare treatment. You will need to make sure that you are treated by a healthcare provider that has a contract with the Greek National Organisation for Healthcare Services Provision (EOPYY). If you are seeking healthcare in Greece, from a doctor or dentist, then you should always try to consult an EOPYY-contracted doctor to receive treatment for free or at a reduced cost. Using an EHIC in Greece, on the day, will entitle you to the same emergency medical treatment received by Greek nationals.

If you need to seek hospital treatment for healthcare in Greece, you will need a referral from a doctor for non-emergency hospital treatment. If you are referred by an EOPYY doctor, then using your EHIC in Greece will get you hospital treatment in a public hospital free of charge. For private clinics contracted with EOPYY, you will be charged with a co-payment depending on the terms of their contract providing you show your EHIC on admission. Following an appointment at a doctors surgery or hospital, if you should then need a prescription, you will be charged a 25 per cent patient charge. Healthcare in Greece means that charges will vary depending on the illness. This is non-refundable in Greece.

Where can I apply for an EHIC?

An issue that many people preparing for their holiday find is that the application for the EHIC is long and complicated. Often forms get returned due to missing information or for tiny mistakes. If your EHIC is out of date or missing in the run up to your holiday to Greece, then you may be tempted to leave it behind instead of going through the complex renewal process.

We want to make renewing expired health cards and replacing lost or stolen cards a lot easier. Our health card application service means you won’t have to worry about filling in application forms. We will fill out all of your necessary information making any edits or amendments needed. We even provide a fast track application service that means your forms will be processed within two days and we will provide temporary advice and cover should you travel before your card arrives.

Using EHIC in Greece doesn’t have to be complicated, visit our site today to receive a fast reliable service.