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EHIC In Hungary

EHIC In Hungary

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EHIC In Hungary

Hungary is becoming ever more popular with tourists, as more and more people are beginning to realise its appeal. The most popular destination is undoubtedly Budapest, which is one of the largest cities in central Europe and is steeped in rich culture, gothic buildings and fantastic sights. The beautiful Danube River runs through the city, and there’s no shortage of castles, parks, churches, restaurants and bars for tourists to explore. Millions of people visit Budapest every year, and if you’re interested in heading there then you need to make sure you’re in possession of a valid European Health Insurance Card.

Using an EHIC in Hungary could save you thousands if the worst happens while you’re away and you require hospital treatment. An EHIC entitles you to the same levels of care as a Hungarian citizen would get. However it doesn’t cover private treatment, so always ensure you are being treated by a healthcare provider that has a contract with the Hungarian Health Insurance Fund. This is vital, as private healthcare is non-refundable, so if a hotel or travel representative is booking your treatment for you then double check it’s with a public service.

Medical Treatment In Hungary
Receiving medical treatment in Hungary doesn’t have to be problematic when you hold a valid EHIC. Health providers, who work under the state healthcare system, usually display a sign with a Hungarian inscription but you can contact the OEP (Országos Egészségbiztosítási Pénztár, or Public Health Department in English) before you travel for further details. Doctor surgeries are open from Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm, but 24 hour medical services are provided by various health centres. The EHIC in Hungary also covers dentist bills as long as the dental service is provided by the OEP.

If you require hospital treatment then you’ll need to be referred by a doctor just like in the UK. Always ensure you are being referred to a public hospital as only these offer treatment free of charge. While you are in hospital, you can get operations, diagnostic tests and medicines free of charge as long as you hold a valid EHIC in Hungary. It’s clear that an EHIC provides countless benefits while you’re travelling in Europe so make sure you apply for one today so that you can have peace of mind while abroad.

Applying for an EHIC
For a small fee, we will check your application to make sure it is error free. You can make an application online using our website and each application can include a partner and up to four dependent children under the age of eighteen. An EHIC can be vital for getting medical treatment in Hungary so make sure you use our services today.

Make sure you apply for a European Health Insurance Card with us today and we’ll get your application processed in minimal time.