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EHIC In Ireland

EHIC In Ireland

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Healthcare in Ireland
Ireland is renowned for its vibrancy and versatility for tourists and this special region certainly has a lot to offer everyone lucky enough to visit. In the excitement of packing it can be easy to forget something important, just make sure you remember to take a valid European Health Insurance Card with you. Forgetting to bring or renew this could lead to expensive medical payments which could blight your awaited trip. Using your EHIC in Ireland is not something that people set out to do, but it’s good knowing you’re adequately covered for all possibilities when travelling abroad.

Any private healthcare costs are non-refundable and considerably more expensive than public healthcare in Ireland. Should you need to see a doctor, then double check you’re about to be treated at a public facility as this will significantly reduce your bill. Free treatment is offered by doctors part of the Primary Care Reimbursement Services (PCRS) scheme. Information about which doctors are involved in this can be found at the Local Health Office. If you need to see a specialist, then let the GP know that you want to see a public one. Private patients are not covered by EU regulations.

Using Your EHIC in Ireland
Healthcare in Ireland also includes dentistry. Visitors should contact the Local Health Office to find dentists who offer cheap treatment for EU residents. You should always check that the dentist is contracted with the Local Health Office in order to avoid spiralling costs. Of course, nobody expects to use health services while they are visiting Ireland. However, failing to own a valid and up to date EHIC and adequate travel insurance can result in the accumulation of unwanted and unnecessary medical bills. It is always best to prepare before you travel and using your EHIC in Ireland is an effective way of easing any anxieties you may have about any healthcare costs.

If you need a medical professional to look at an eye or ear issue, then this is available for free for people eligible under EU regulations. Prescriptions are also free of charge when people see a GP contracted to the PCRS scheme. The current charge for prescriptions is 2.50 per item and up to a maximum of 25.00 per month per family. For hospital treatment, like in other nations, having your European Health Insurance Card is a must. Getting treatment at an Accident and Emergency unit of public hospitals is free of charge.

Get Your EHIC Today
Although using your EHIC in Ireland does not cover any private treatment, it prevents people from being charged at public facilities which is highly convenient for those in need of medical attention. Make sure you renew your card today as they last up to five years. Visit our website and fill out our online application form so that you can receive your own EHIC Card and cover yourself for any state provided medical treatment you may need in Ireland.