EHIC in Italy

EHIC In Italy

EHIC In Italy

Our Fast Application Process Makes Getting Your EHIC For Italy Much Simpler

Using EHIC in Italy

In the weeks running up to your visit to Italy, you will be trying to track down all of your important travel documents. Amongst the madness of packing all of your important belongings, it’s all too common for crucial documents to get lost or forgotten. You may be fully equipped with all of your travel insurance information before you set off for Italy, but have you considered your European Health Insurance Card? Using an EHIC in Italy will enable you to access state-funded healthcare for free or at a reduced cost. If you are excited about travelling to your stunning Italian destination, the last thing you want to think about is sickness or injury. However, travelling without an EHIC could leave you with huge medical bills at the end of your Italian holiday

In order to validate most travel insurance policies in Italy, you have to be carrying an EHIC. Without it, your travel insurance company may have the right to refuse cover. The EHIC will provide you with access to a number of specified medical services that are state-funded. It is a common misconception that the EHIC will provide full NHS-style healthcare, making travel insurance unnecessary. You will need both an EHIC Card and travel insurance in order to receive efficient healthcare in Italy as well as avoid huge repayments. Depending on your travel insurance policy, the reduced costs you receive, when using an EHIC, will be reimbursed at a later date.

Health Services in Italy with EHIC

Italy is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, with millions of visitors exploring this stunning country every year. If you are unfortunate enough to fall ill, or have an accident during your stay, there are a number of facts you need to take in to consideration when using the EHIC in Italy. First and foremost, it is imperative that you remember that the EHIC does not cover any private treatment. Any of the costs incurred from private healthcare treatment will not be reimbursed by your travel insurance provider. However, you will be entitled to the same public healthcare that is received by Italian residents.

If you require medical care during your stay in Italy, you should seek services provided by a public GP. You will be able to find GPs in your area by visiting your ASL office, which are the local health authorities. If you need hospital or dental treatment, your Italian GP will have to refer you first. You should always ensure that you are referred to a public hospital to avoid any added costs. Any hospital or dental treatments will not necessarily be free of charge and you may be asked to make a patient co-payment. This will also be the same for any prescriptions you require in Italy, unless the medication is considered “life saving”.

How can I apply for an EHIC?

When preparing for your Italian holiday, you may realise at the last minute that your EHIC is missing or out of date. If your EHIC is out of date, or missing before you travel to Italy, you might be tempted to simply leave it behind rather than go through the renewal process.

We make renewing expired or replacing lost health cards simpler. Our service means you won’t have to worry about filling in endless application forms. We will complete your application forms, making all of the necessary edits and amendments to avoid bounce backs. We can even offer a fast track application service to ensure your forms are processed within two days. With this service, we even provide temporary cover should you need to travel before your card arrives. Accessing healthcare services in Italy doesn’t need to be difficult. Contact us today to receive your EHIC quickly and efficiently.