EHIC in Liechtenstein

Using your EHIC In Liechtenstein

Healthcare in Liechtenstein

When it comes to travelling around Europe, there are a few destinations that understandably receive more attention than others. Traditional holiday hotspots, whether it is for beach breaks in the sun-kissed parts of Southern Europe such as Spain, Italy and Greece or popular city breaks in Germany, Poland or the Czech Republic, are likely to have information regarding healthcare protocol readily available. For smaller, less popular destinations this may not be the case, giving you all the more reason keep yourself up to date with procedures and developments.

Healthcare in Liechtenstein is understandably something very few of us in the UK will be well versed on. The country has a population of only 35,000 and is the only country in Europe that lies completely within the Alps. As a result, it is popular with winter sports fans although many only enter the country for single days at a time due to its size. Although not in the EU, healthcare in Liechtenstein still has ample facilities for British nationals to use should they need them.

That being said, the country is extremely wealthy and added charges will be frequently applicable to any non-resident seeking healthcare in Liechtenstein. For this reason, it is important that you are aware of the procedures you will have to abide by in the event of an incident.

Using an EHIC in Liechtenstein

EHIC In Liechtenstein

EHIC In Liechtenstein

The healthcare system in Liechtenstein is held in high esteem by the Alpine nations. It is funded solely by the state but, due to the size of the country’s population, all residents are required to pay a subsidy to make the process financially viable for the government. Patients are required to pay a basic fee that covers health insurance, as well as a percentage of treatment costs.

In terms of using an EHIC in Liechtenstein, the card itself will not exempt you from these mandatory charges. The average cost for non-residents is the equivalent of around £67 as this fee covers health insurance for a month. This is the minimum requirement for anyone from the European Union regardless of the length of their stay.

It is also recommended you get in touch with your GP around eight weeks before travelling to the country. Using an EHIC in Liechtenstein is important to avoid surplus costs but for vaccinations, or added preventative measures, you may find it difficult to find these for free once you are in the country. For example, there has been an increased risk of tick bites and there are available medicines and ointments on the NHS.

Where can I find EHIC application services?

You can find the EHIC application service right here on our website. To receive your very own EHIC Card, simply complete our online application form and our team will check your application for ommisions and errors ensuring your application is completed correctly. Each application can also include a partner and up to four dependent children under the age of eighteen.

Healthcare in Liechtenstein is straight forward to navigate yourself around once you have accessed the basics. Using an EHIC in Liechtenstein will allow you to make use of their fantastic healthcare service on the same basis as a resident of the country. For more information on the EHIC or the services we offer contact one of our experts today.