EHIC in Lithuania

EHIC In Lithuania Grants You Access To Free Healthcare

Lithuania is a vibrant country and one of Europe’s best kept secrets. With a majestic coastline, lush forests and superb lakes, it’s an area that can really captivate. When you decide to take the trip of a lifetime to Lithuania then you need to ensure you’re in possession of a valid European Health Insurance Card. This will allow you access to state healthcare at a reduced price, as long as it’s provided by the Territorial Health Insurance Fund. Always remember to present your EHIC in Lithuania to stay protected when you need healthcare.

With an EHIC in Lithuania, you’ll be able to visit any GP that is associated with the Territorial Health Insurance Fund. To prove your entitlement to the healthcare, you’ll have to have the card on your person to use as evidence to show you are entitled to access the country’s EHIC scheme. When it comes to hospital treatment in the country, all emergency medical services are provided free of charge to people who present a valid EHIC. For non-emergency situations, you’ll need a GP or specialist referral to be admitted to hospital. An EHIC in Lithuania allows you to access the service at no additional cost.

EHIC In Lithuania

EHIC In Lithuania

Treatment In Lithuania

An EHIC allows you to receive hospital treatment in Lithuania at a discounted cost. It can also be used if you need to visit the dentist. A visit to the dentist is free of charge. However, you first have to make sure they’re contracted with the Territorial Health Insurance Fund. If not, then it could cost you money for a visit. If you receive treatment from the dentist, any material substances used are not covered by the EHIC so be aware of how much you’ll be charged.

You’ll be able to take your prescription to any pharmacy in Lithuania and the cost of medicine is partly covered where they are prescribed by a doctor. It’s clear that a valid EHIC can benefit you greatly throughout your trip to Europe, allowing you to access treatment in Lithuania at a discounted cost. Make sure you hold a valid and up to date EHIC before planning your holiday to Europe.

How do I get hold of an EHIC?

For a small fee, we can complete your European Health Insurance Card application without any errors ensuring you get the card as quickly as possible. Make sure you use our service if you want to use an EHIC in Lithuania.

If you would like to apply for an EHIC using our services, make sure you complete our online application form through our website where you will be required to fill in a few small details. The application form can also include a partner and up to four dependent children under the age of eighteen. Our service will allow your application to be completed without any errors. Don’t take the risk. Make sure you hold a valid European Health Insurance Card incase you need treatment in Lithuania.