EHIC in Luxembourg

You can apply for a European Health Insurance Card if you are a citizen of any country that is part of the European Economic Area (EEA), this includes Switzerland. Should you be planning to travel to other participating countries, then packing a valid EHIC should be your main priority. By being part of the EHIC scheme you will be entitled to any state provided healthcare you may require if you have an accident or fall ill at a reduced cost or even for free. Of course, this is dependent upon the nature of treatment you need. All emergency care is covered with the EHIC in Luxembourg, as well as care and treatment needed for pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes. It is worth noting that Europe is a very diverse continent, therefor medical care can vary a great deal between countries. It is advisable to check well in advance what services and facilities will be available to you in your chosen destination.

EHIC In Luxembourg

EHIC In Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small country situated between Belgium, Germany and France. It is a country which is often overlooked due to the prominence of its neighbours. However, Luxembourg is a huge player in business and banking and has one of the best health care systems in Europe despite its size. Luxembourg is a safe country to travel to as you will not need any vaccinations prior to travelling there and the tap water is safe to drink.

Luxembourg is less than 1000 square miles in area. Despite its size, there are a lot of health care institutions and hospitals in the country. There is also approximately 1 doctor for every 340 citizens, a statistic that is better than the UK. The standard of health care you receive is incredibly high which means you will more than likely have to pay something for this level of treatment. Remember to keep receipts for any treatment you receive as you can claim back at least a partial refund. The treatment tends to be free. However, should you become hospitalised, you will incur a daily charge throughout your stay in hospital.

Another benefit of Luxembourg’s small size is that you are never far away from professional medical facilities and you will not have any troubles reaching them as the transport infrastructure is excellent. In the event you need an ambulance for an emergency, remember to call the number 112 for emergency services in Luxembourg.

It is advisable to carry a phrasebook with you at all times. As well as the local language of Luxembourgish, both German and French are widely spoken. A phrasebook in any of these languages that contain plenty of medical jargon will help you immensely should you need to communicate your medical needs with a professional.

The two most important things to remember when travelling to Luxembourg are your passport and European Health Insurance Card. Unexpected medical bills can be very expensive and knowing you’re covered by your EHIC can help you to relax and enjoy this country the way it deserves to be enjoyed. From beautiful countryside to stunning architecture and culture, Luxembourg has an awful lot to offer.