EHIC in Malta

Applying for a European health insurance card (EHIC) for coverage in the country of Malta.

All around the year, Malta has great weather and a very beautiful coastline. A top destination to go, Malta is one of the top destinations that United Kingdom travellers and expats like to go to. When travelling to Malta, it’s a good idea to remember to apply for and keep up to date with your EHIC card (commonly known as a European Health Insurance Card). Recently, the British High Commission issued a statement urging British Nationals to make sure that their EHIC card is up to date, valid and on their persons when they decide to travel to Malta.

The EHIC card may not seem like much to some. However, it entitles you to any necessary treatment for things that could go wrong in Malta. When on holiday, it is good to know that you’re covered just in case things go wrong and you require medical attention. The EHIC in Malta is there to provide you and your family the upmost piece of mind and to help avoid any costly medical bills that may arise from that treatment.

EHIC In Malta

EHIC In Malta

How to use your EHIC

Citizens of the United Kingdom, or other EU countries, should apply for their EHIC before deciding to travel aboard. Having an EHIC will provide you with coverage for medical care and any necessary medical services while you’re within Malta.

We recommend keeping your card in a safe place when you receive it and to remember to take it to any EEA country, such as Malta, when travelling. It is also good to remember that each person will require their own EHIC card with their correct details on.

If you require medical treatment, or assistance, there will be a requirement to show your EHIC card to the medical practitioner who should acknowledge your right to medical treatment. This will provide you the right to receive medical treatment or care for free of charge, or a reduction in cost, for all or some of the cost on a later date.

The EHIC card may not enable you to receive all treatments available and it may be possible that only certain treatments that are medically necessary may apply. The criteria for ‘medical necessary’ will be assessed by the medical practitioner. In normal circumstances, treatment will only be provided if it is medically necessary. It’s also important to remember that the EHIC card will not cover any private medical treatment or hospitals. We therefore recommend, when using your EHIC card, to only access public hospitals.

All treatment provided to you should be provided to the same level as a Malta national that has been covered by state insurance. An example of this is that any medical treatment that would normally have been provided to a Malta national that is free of charge (without cost) should also be provided to a UK national free of charge (without cost) who has an EHIC card on them and shows it to the medical practitioner.

The EHIC card will remain valid and should provide to you state provided health-care while in an eligible country. The card should remain valid for up to 5 years.

Will I require an EHIC in order to travel to Malta?

It is important and recommended, but not a necessity, to apply for an EHIC when travelling to Malta for leisure or business. An EHIC will provide you with state provided health-care for any medically necessary treatment. The EHIC is a great piece of mind that will help you take the stress and worry off your travels knowing your covered by the state of the country you’re travelling to.