EHIC in Netherlands

EHIC In Netherlands

EHIC In Netherlands

Applying for a European Health Insurance (EHIC) for coverage in the country of Netherlands

A leading European country, the Netherlands each year sees hundreds of thousands of European visitors. Overall, there are lots of reasons to visit the Netherlands from the Dutch countryside that is rich in wildlife and beautiful landscapes to the capital of Amsterdam that is also a very popular and lively tourist attraction of the country. The friendly Dutch residents are very fond of travelling to other European destinations themselves. With travel, from European country to European country, covered by the EHIC, it is important to look into and investigate what you are entitled to as a European member of the scheme. It’s important to have an EHIC card (commonly known as a European Health Insurance Card) and keep it with you at all times. Applying for the EHIC card is a quick, simple and easy process that may be completed online and the card will entitle you to state provided health-care.

What is the European Health Insurance Card and what is its scheme?

It’s important to remember that all natives of the European Economic Area (EEA) and European Union (EU) are entitled to a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and there is a lawful agreement in place between these countries to provide you with an EHIC for Netherlands if you so wish to request it. The EHIC scheme will allow you to receive state provided healthcare as if you were a resident of the same country.

There are benefits to having this scheme with no drawbacks. Some of the benefits include reimbursement of costs of medical care, continued treatment for on-going medical conditions, treatment for existing medical conditions, maternity care and treatment for any unexpected situations such as child birth and being able to visit qualified and experienced doctors and medical practitioners when needed.

If you happen to be living within the Netherlands, but not born in the country, the application requirements may depend on your status and if you are considered a resident of the Netherlands. Those who have been granted permission for Dutch citizenships, by the Dutch authorities, may be able to apply as a resident. However, people visiting the Netherlands might need to apply in their home country. If you have applied for and received your EHIC card it is valid for a total of two years in which it is automatically renewed after expiry. If any of your details has changed, you will be required to order a new card as the old card will be deemed invalid.

Planning on a holiday within the Netherlands?

We recommend that you should not travel overseas without an EHIC card or full cover. If you happen to be visiting a European Union country, such as the Netherlands, carrying a valid European Health Insurance Card, when you are in urgent need of medical necessary treatment, will provide you the right to medical treatment. The EHIC will only cover you for emergency (medically necessary) treatment and for pre-existing conditions. An example of this is if you were travelling on holiday and required dialysis. You might decide to attend a clinic within the Netherlands and by doing so you would be covered under the terms of the EHIC policy.

By having an EHIC, it means you will never need to face unexpected medical bills and you will not be left without treatment that is medically necessary. Any medical treatments or operations that are required can be accessed directly through medical doctors, dentists and practitioners. In the event that you have lost pills, or accidently left them at home, you can visit a doctor within the Netherlands to receive a repeat prescription.

With the EHIC scheme, medical treatment is easy to access, simple and will keep unexpected medical costs to a minimum. Always remember to take out an EHIC card. Make sure its up to date, checking it before each and every trip.