EHIC in Portugal

EHIC In Portugal

EHIC In Portugal

Healthcare In Portugal Requires an EHIC, Get One Today

Healthcare in Portugal

Europe has a number of stunning destinations and there are none quite as peaceful and with weather as lovely as Portugal. West of Spain, Portugal is not quite as popular as the country it borders for Brits, but then again, what is? Basically, it is a region which is favoured by over an estimated two million UK citizens every year. It’s easy to see why with the tranquillity of places such as Madeira Island, whose remarkable views from such a beautiful area inspire many to arrive from around the globe. Relaxing at the beach or pool side really goes without saying due to their envious climate across all four seasons.

Portugal is also a suitable location for those who want to explore a city’s culture. Visitors to the country will become fascinated by the Portuguese way of life by exploring the capital of Lisbon or heading north to Porto to see its 12th century cathedral and the extraordinary interior of Sao Francisco church. Regardless of whether you prefer lounging in the sun, or touring the streets, Portugal is undoubtedly an attractive prospect when choosing a holiday destination. The benefits from choosing our service allows your enjoyment to remain unhindered even if you need to visit a medical facility for healthcare in Portugal.

Using a EHIC in Portugal

In order to enhance your enjoyment of visiting Portugal, you must make sure you pack a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) among your swimwear and clothing. Using an EHIC in Portugal has many benefits, with state-provided medical treatment costing far less when you show this card. As with other European nations, your EHIC does not cover the cost of private healthcare in Portugal. Therefore, you should request public treatment after seeing a doctor in order to avoid spiralling health costs. Healthcare in Portugal, for foreign visitors, is quite cheap as long as you get treated at their equivalent of the NHS the Portuguese Serviço Nacional de Saúde (SNS).

Public dentistry facilities are free to visit but there may be a limited number of these or none at all in the region you are on holiday. Pharmacies are generally open between 9am and 1pm on weekends, so you may have to act swiftly to get prescriptions if they are needed. Again, using an EHIC in Portugal is very useful because they get you reduced charges for prescriptions. These reduced fees can be as significant as 90 per cent off particular drugs when showing a valid EHIC. Not having one threatens your finances with a considerable hit and may even ruin your holiday. Healthcare in Portugal does not have to be costly.

Benefits of choosing EHIC Europe Services

Signing up for an EHIC is simple and cost-effective when you are travelling around Europe. It is separate from travel insurance, but acts as a good form of health protection should you need to see a medical professional for treatment or prescriptions. These cards last for five years and it is important you renew yours a few months before it expires to prevent you from forgetting. If you need a new EHIC, you can apply on our website. Using an EHIC in Portugal and other European countries is a must.