Legal Notice

When using our application reviewal service it’s important to keep in mind that -Limit Limited operates as a privately owned organisation.

To avoid any confusion please keep in mind that we are not part of the NHS, NHSBA, Department of Health or any UK Government body. As stated in our Terms and Conditions, we solely check EHIC application forms for errors, communicate with our customers to correct any such errors and forward the checked and/or amended application to the NHSBA on behalf of our customers. You can apply independently and free of all costs at

Fees appointed are used to cover the administration costs of checking though your application.

The EHIC application service however can be obtained free using the official Government website found at ( which is available 24 hours a day however you will receive none of our services by doing so.

Our express service is entirely optional guarantees a fast-track application service from ourselves. We will make the extra effort to ensure your application is forwarded successfully and error-free to the NHS within the space of 3 working hours. Your application will not be fast-tracked by the NHSBA. To our current knowledge, the NHSBA do not offer an express service.